It is my fondest wish that you join me in a cup of  Viennese coffee, listen to a few snatches of my music, and enjoy yourself while you learn about me -- and have a little silly fun while doing so.
Also known as
Special Agent K.007
Society of Horus
"Sworn to Defend and protect the Unenlightened"
You May Enter
      the Cafe...
...Through This Door.
All text, original photos and original artwork by "Daisy Brambletoes"
are the property of
      Cheryl W. Duval and Off-Note-Productions. 
     They are not to be used without permission.
Art & photos by others, have been credited whenever possible.

The character and likeness of Agent K.007 is protected by US copyright
           and may not be used without written permission.
So There!

         The Mozart Café   -   ©2001 - 2010  Off-Note Productions
February 10, 2010
Agent K.007
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